Brain Test 2 Agen Smith Level 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Answers

Find Brain Test 2 Agen Smith Level 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 answers here. Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories is a top-ranked funny riddle game, developed by Unico Studio.

Join Agen Smith, the world’s coolest spy as he stops evil plans and saves the day.

Level 16

Smith must escape from the mansion.

Answer: First, click on the red button to open the gate, then drag the nailed plank hidden behind the bush to the front of the guard car.

Brain Test 2 Agen Smith Level 16 Answer

Funny Response: Monster hunter joe must have paid a visit here.

Level 17

Smith found out that Eddie has planted bombs in a skyscraper’s basement. Find them.

Answer: Use the scanner to locate the position of the bombs inside the wall, then use the hammer several times to destroy the wall.

Brain Test 2 Agen Smith Level 17 Answer

Funny Response: ‘Say bye-bye to your evil plans, Eddie.’ -Agent Smith.

Level 18

Eddie is trying to escape with a helicopter, stop him!

Answer: Drag upwards the building where Agent Smith is standing, then click on the left water tank support to make the tank collapse towards the helicopter.

Brain Test 2 Agen Smith Level 18 Answer

Funny Response: ‘I am your worts nightmare, Eddie!’ -Agen Smith

Level 19

Smith must get down to confront Eddie.

Answer: Click on the umbrella and give it to Agent Smith. After that, drag Agent Smith to the left to jump off the building.

Brain Test 2 Agen Smith Level 19 Answer

Funny Response: ‘I am Mary Poppins, y’all!’ -Agent Smith

Level 20

That’s it! The final showdown between Smith and Eddie.

Answer: Similar to The Matrix movie scene, here you can dodge the bullets by bending Agent Smith’s body backward. While dodging the bullets, place and stack the three iron boxes behind Agent Smith so that the bullets hit the iron boxes and bounce back towards Eddie.

Brain Test 2 Agen Smith Level 20 Answer

Funny Response: So this was how our cool Agent Smith defeated Eddie Baddie’s bastardly plans. He stopped bombs, dodged bullets and jumped down from a long building. Just a regular day for the best spy in the world.

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