Text or Die

Text or Die Answers (All Levels: 2022 Update)

Are you looking for answers with the longest word or most letters in the Text or Die game? Then find and get all of the Text or Die Answers (All Levels – 2022 Update) here.

Text or Die is a puzzle word trivia game developed by Rollic Games, developers who have also created popular games such as Hair Challenge, Money Rush, Fill The Fridge, Queen Bee, and Towing Race. You can download Text or Die for free on Play Store or App Store.

In order to win this game, the rules are very simple. Get the longest an­swers as much as possible to build the tallest tower and get out from the rising waters. The one who lasts the longest and doesn’t get eaten by the shark wins.

Text or Die

Text or Die can be played both online and offline. Don’t be fooled by the matchmaking feature, as it doesn’t happen in real-time. Your opponents are also not real users, they are just bots used in the game to make the game more interesting and attractive.

Below is Text or Die Answers for All Levels (2022 Update):

Are there any levels in Text or Die that we missed? Please comment down below if there are any missed levels or wrong answers, so we can fix them.

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