Brain Test 4 Answers

Brain Test 4 Answers (1 – 301 All Levels)

Brain Test 4 Answers (1 – 301 All Levels) – After the success of Brain Test and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories, Unico Studio is back with a sequel to the popular brain-teaser game titled Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends. This new game introduces new characters, customization features, and exciting brain teasers.

Reviving the original Brain Test 1 formula, it offers addictive puzzles and riddles to challenge your mind. Join the Tricky Club, unlock members, and assist them in overcoming tricky situations. Play offline, one-handed, and without the internet, all for free. You can download and play it for free via the Google Play Store or the Apps Store.

Designed for Brain Test veterans seeking challenging puzzles, Brain Test 4 tricks your brain with surprising riddles and unexpected solutions. A robust hint system guides you through this enjoyable and accessible experience. The Tricky Club, featuring characters like Tricky Lily and Astrodog, awaits your problem-solving skills in this offline game.

Brain Test 4 Answers

Enjoy this amusing, free IQ game with friends and tackle out-of-the-box puzzles. With entertaining brain teasers and IQ games, Brain Test 4 helps improve your mind. The game offers unlockable characters, environment customization, animated art styles, and numerous levels with regular updates. Humorous dialogues, engaging stories, and family-friendly content make it suitable for all ages.

Below you’ll find all the answers to the Brain Test 4 game, ranging from level 1 to level 301.

Table of Contents

Level 1 – 10

Level 1

Pick the best plate for Uncle Bubba.

Move all the food items onto one of the three plates, and then click the plate filled with food.

Level 2

Tap on the biggest donut on the table.

Place the donut carried by Uncle Bubba on the table. Then, touch the donut. That donut is the largest one; it appears small because it is in the distance and not aligned with the other donuts.

Level 3

I must find a way to calm down my angry uncle.

Drag the donut, plate, and table toward Uncle Bubba. He will eat it, and if he is full, he will become calm.

Level 4

Tap on the biggest flower.

Pull the sun from behind her head, and then tap on the largest flower.

Level 5

Tap on the biggest.

Tap on the cookie located in the top right corner.

Brain Test 4 Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Answers

Level 6

Can you tap on all of my cats?

Place the fish on the plate to reveal hidden cats; tap them all to pass the level.

Level 7

Clean my naughty cat’s face.

Utilize the tail as a lever to move the tongue, then invert your phone to change the tongue’s direction and clean his face.

Level 8

We don’t have a spare tire. Help, please.

Switch the car tire with Uncle Bubba by bending his limbs and head inward, then position him where the flat tire was.

Level 9

I must find the biggest carrot.

The largest carrot is buried, so lift the green sections to uncover it.

Level 10

Get rid of my dandruff!

To eliminate her dandruff, shake your phone.

Brain Test 4 Levels 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Answers

Level 11 – 20

Level 11

What is my password.

Answer the question by typing ‘what’ to pass the level.

Level 12

I must press the red button.

Pull the clothes aside to find a hidden red button, then move her close to the button to pass the level.

Level 13

I want to ruin Uncle Bubba’s shower fun.

Press and hold the water pipe connection until it expands from the blocked water, then release it! This will make the water flow forcefully and drag him out of the bathroom.

Level 14

Oh no! I spilled some juice on Granny Amy’s carpet! Help me cover it.

Drag their shadows over the spilled juice to cover it.

Level 15

Uncle Bubba is sad for something. I want to cheer him up.

Open the white box on the table to find fried chicken inside, then press the TV remote. Change the game score on the TV from 0-5 to 5-0. Uncle Bubba will be entertained because his supported team wins, and he can enjoy eating fried chicken.

Brain Test 4 Levels 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Answers

Level 16

I must get through Granny Amy to eat more cake!

Unroll all of Granny’s favorite plates to keep her busy so she can eat the cake.

Level 17

Wake up Uncle Bubba.

Tap the fly to move its position on uncle’s face, then tap the lizard’s face to wake it up.

Level 18

Save the princess!

Drag the soldier’s sword to the princess so she can fight the monster using the sword.

Level 19

This lazy cat must sleep on her bed.

Invert your phone to make the cat roll onto her sleeping bed.

Level 20

Alright, enough free fun. Time to pay me 1000 dollars to continue

Remove the 1 from the 1000 dollars to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Answers

Level 21 – 30

Level 21

I wonder what is Doctor Worry’s real name.

Tap uncle’s pocket, then zoom in to see his full name.

Level 22

I must answer Doctor Worry’s question.

Some parts of the board are covered; drag the curtains above to reveal the value of x, and the answer will be 7.

Level 23

Doctor Worry must get some venom for his new medicine.

Bring the mouse close to the snake, then collect the venom spat into the empty bottle to pass the level.

Level 24

This man wants some hair.

Place seeds on top of his head and water them to pass the level.

Level 25

What is Uncle Bubba’s secret?

Drag the doctor’s green glasses near Uncle’s stomach to find a hidden tattoo.

Brain Test 4 Levels 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 Answers

Level 26

Doctor Worry needs some gas for new formula.

There’s a bean hidden behind the containers; give it to uncle and collect some natural gas.

Level 27

Which golden coin is real?

Bring them to the doctor’s mouth one by one to find the real gold coin.

Level 28

Doctor Worry needs to get blood samples from that fly.

Tap the screen to attract the bug, hold the tap, and let the fly fill up with your blood. Then, use the swatter to kill it and fill the empty bottle with blood.

Level 29

Doctor Worry’s new robot requires some electricity.

Position the doctor next to the robot with his hand touching the robot’s cord, and place Lily next to him while touching his hand and cord with a second hand to pass the electricity.

Level 30

We need a cleaner energy for this robot.

Turn on the tap and drag the battery near the sink to clean it, then place the cleaned battery back into the robot to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 Answers

Level 31 – 40

Level 31

I must find a way to discharge.

Swipe left on the screen to see the dirt; remove her shoes and put her into the dirt to discharge her.

Level 32

Oh no! Bear is attacking me!

Make it cuter by placing the red shirt on the bear.

Level 33

Stop my little sister from peeking into my phone!

Push her down behind the couch, then drag the back of the couch up to make it higher and the sides to make it wider.

Level 34

Stop her awful singing!

Put Tiki’s sock into her own mouth to pass the level.

Level 35

Oh no! Granny Amy has fallen asleep and will fall down!

Pull her from side to side until she wakes up and waits for 9 seconds to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 Answers

Level 36

My little sister rummaged through my precious candies. I must put them back.

Lily must eat some candies since there isn’t enough space in one box, but she can’t eat too many or her stomach will be upset. Overall, she can eat 3 candies, and the rest can fit in the box.

Level 37

I want to swing faster.

Turn your phone upside down to increase the speed.

Level 38

Is it possible to lick an elbow?

Drag the younger sibling to lick Lily’s elbow.

Level 39

How many slices have chocolate chips?

One chip covers two pieces of cake, so the answer is 5.

Level 40

Granny Amy is having a terrible back pain. I must help her!

Use two fingers on granny to pull from up and down.

Brain Test 4 Levels 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 Answers

Level 41 – 50

Level 41

Where is the remote?!

Shake your phone to move Uncle Bubba and the remote will be revealed.

Level 42

Uncle Bubba is not letting me watch my show. I must get rid of him!

Have him drink all four coffee cans from the screen to pass the level.

Level 43

We must find a way to watch our shows at the same time!

Use the knife to cut the screen into two parts to pass the level.

Level 44

Doctor Worry needs help on powering up the coil.

Drag the screen down to reveal a power switch and turn it on to pass the level.

Level 45

I must please that cute cat.

Pet the cat to fill the love meter; after 4 swipes, another cat appears. Drag the love meter slightly and pet him again to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 Answers

Level 46

How many slices have vanilla

All slices are vanilla, so the answer is 8.

Level 47

My brother Lazy Larry is not letting me use the mirror, help me!

Shave his head with the trimmer to pass the level.

Level 48

How can this equation be correct?!

Place the donut at the position of 5 to pass the level.

Level 49

Brrr! It’s so cold!

Place hot sauce on the fish, then bring the fish near the cat for it to eat. You’ll find the fire.

Level 50

Protech me from that snake!

Use the leaking pipe as a flute to control the snake and pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 Answers

Level 51 – 60

Level 51

Doctor Worry needs a chicken to sit on the eggs.

There’s a hidden chicken in the picture; zoom in to see it, then drag it onto the eggs to pass the level.

Level 52

One of my cats feels lonely, help please.

Place the pizza slices, olives, and cucumber on the yarn to create a friend.

Level 53

I want a green apple, right now!

Drag the green apple to the other side of the screen, where it will appear behind the girl. Give it to her to pass the level.

Level 54

Grrr. I’m stuck behind that slow car. Help, please!

Place the straight line beneath the broken line to pass the level.

Level 55

I must get back my bluetooth headphone from Tiki.

Combine the musical notes to increase the volume.

Brain Test 4 Levels 51, 52, 53, 54, 55 Answers

Level 56

The power is out. Time to light some candles

First, move the torch to find the candle, then drag the word “light” near the candle to light it.

Level 57

Oh no! The milk is going to spill out!

Lift the pot to make it taller.

Level 58

Tiki is sad that her paper plane isn’t flying.

Zoom in on the milk glass, give it to the uncle and use the snoring air to fly the plane.

Level 59

Doctor Worry wants to activate his new robot successfully

First, attach the left leg and hand, then drag the figure to the edge of the screen to hide the missing part and start to pass the level.

Level 60

Pfff.. Fishing is so boring, I need some fun!

Attach safety hooks to the characters and shake your phone to create waves.

Brain Test 4 Levels 56, 57, 58, 59, 60 Answers

Level 61 – 70

Level 61

Jenny must get through me to show her skills.

Place the ball behind Jenny, then give it back to her when she’s behind it to pass the level.

Level 62

Jenny wants a slam dunk.

Tap the connection point on the post to lower it, and tap again to pass the level.

Level 63

Jenny must run through the obstacle course.

Invert your phone to reverse gravity and pass the level.

Level 64

Jenny must do a very long jump.

Zoom in on the “jump” button to enlarge it, then tap it to pass the level.

Level 65

Jenny must win against Doctor Worry’s robot.

Cover the sun with clouds to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 Answers

Level 66

Time to prank Jenny.

Drag the “50” onto the “100” to pass the level.

Level 67

Jenny challenges Doctor Worry’s robot for a fight.

First, cover the sun with clouds, then rotate the robot and remove her battery to pass the level.

Level 68

Tiki must find the biggest balloon.

This cat is also a balloon, so bring it near the girl to pass the level.

Level 69

Doctor Worry needs a butterfly for his next experiment.

Feed the caterpillar leaves, then move the sun and moon down three times to advance time. You’ll see a butterfly.

Level 70

They must catch the butterfly.

Take the flower from Tiki’s dress and use it to catch the butterfly in the jar.

Brain Test 4 Levels 66, 67, 68, 69, 70 Answers

Level 71 – 80

Level 71

Jenny must lift that weight.

Pinch her arm muscles to enlarge them.

Level 72

I want a cool smartphone like everyone else!

First, swipe the donkey to reveal its face, then drag the apple near it. Afterward, drag the bitten apple near the phone to create an ” iPhone.”

Level 73

What a family! They did not leave any space for me to eat my meal!

Shake your phone multiple times to clear the table.

Level 74

Doctor Worry cloned the butterfly, but they are too much. Protect him!

Place the butterfly net on his head and swipe down to fully cover him.

Level 75

Granny Amy needs to calm down. Some music might work.

Drag the musical notes into her ear to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 Answers

Level 76

I must beat Uncle Bubba at this go-kart race!

Tap the word “go” to increase speed.

Level 77

Jenny must do some tennis practice.

Tap her to shoot, then switch sides repeatedly to pass the level.

Level 78

Arggh! I can’t open this pickle jar!

Put the bowl under the jar and use the hammer to break it.

Level 79

Doctor Worry must find a way to get rid of those butterflies.

Open the house’s roof to release the butterflies.

Level 80

It’s my time to use the computer, but Larry refuses to stop playing.

Take a picture of Granny’s scary face with the camera, then connect the camera to his computer to scare him away.

Brain Test 4 Levels 76, 77, 78, 79, 80 Answers

Level 81 – 90

Level 81

Oh no! Don’t let Jenny fall down!

Drag down the hill with your finger to pass the level.

Level 82

I seriously need my morning coffee.

Change the time by swiping the numbers to make it morning and pass the level.

Level 83

Doctor Worry must find a way to power up that machine.

Drag the “Y” onto the “X” to switch them, then connect the letters to pass the level.

Level 84

Uggh! My car stopped working, help me push it.

Tilt your phone to create a downhill slope and pass the level.

Level 85

We must fix my car.

The car doesn’t need fixing; find the gas can behind the barrel, refill the car, and you’re good to go.

Brain Test 4 Levels 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 Answers

Level 86

I mustn’t let her do a good shot.

Give her three bowling pins, and she’ll handle the rest.

Level 87

Now I must do the winning shot.

Tap to shoot, then shake your phone to win the game.

Level 88

Granny Amy is forcing Uncle Bubba to run on the treadmill. Help him.

Turn off the computer and give the chair to the uncle to pass the level.

Level 89

What equals 22+x+y?

The answer is in the question: the question mark (?) is the answer.

Level 90

Jenny must score a goal.

Make the goalkeeper drink all the water by repeatedly giving him chips, then score to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 86, 87, 88, 89, 90 Answers

Level 91 – 100

Level 91

I can’t break this walnut’s shell!

Raise the uncle’s chair and place a walnut underneath to break it.

Level 92

How many marbles does Tiki have?

Not all of them are marbles; drag them to her pin to test them, and the answer is 6.

Level 93

Oh no! Jenny’s parachute is not working!

Place the birds on her arms and legs to pass the level.

Level 94

Uncle Bubba must win eating contest!

Move some sausages to the rival’s tray to pass the level.

Level 95

Larry wants more viewers for his livestream.

Pull the cat’s tail and align its ears behind Larry’s head to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 91, 92, 93, 94, 95 Answers

Level 96

Doctor Worry must fully recharge his robot.

Drag the battery down to shorten it.

Level 97

Jenny must make a better start to the race.

Give the referee’s headset to the rival to pass the level.

Level 98

Jenny must win this race.

Bring the mouse near Jenny to pass the level.

Level 99

I want to scare Doctor Worry with a prank.

Give the knife to the robot, put ketchup on Lily’s body, and wait for the doctor to arrive.

Level 100

So is this really the 100th level of the game?

Drag the hammer near “level 100” to change it and pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 96, 97, 98, 99, 100 Answers

Level 101 – 110

Level 101

I need to prepare Tiki’s school bag. She needs 5 items.

Find the larger bag in the closet, then transfer all items to it to pass the level.

Level 102

Jenny must juggle the ball 100 times.

Drag the “100” from Lily’s speech balloon into the question while she’s counting to pass the level.

Level 103

Tiki wants a unicorn.

Place the rhino on the treadmill, get milk from the cow, and paint the rhino with the milk to pass the level.

Level 104

Doctor Worry can’t shut down his PC.

Turn off the device using the button on the chassis instead of the screen to pass the level.

Level 105

Oh no! An asteroid is going to hit us! Help!

Pull the Earth inward to make it bouncy, causing the asteroid to bounce off.

Brain Test 4 Levels 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 Answers

Level 106

Which one is the heaviest?

Place the little girl on the scale to find out her weight.

Level 107

Jenny must get across.

Drag the jump button to reveal a bridge, lift it, and pass the level.

Level 108

I must protect my cookies from Uncle Bubba!

Combine a cookie with spicy sauce and give it to the uncle to pass the level.

Level 109

I must stop this fight!

Detach the posts to separate them and stop the fighting.

Level 110

How many sides does that box have?

Swipe the box to see the other sides, and the answer will be 5.

Brain Test 4 Levels 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 Answers

Level 111 – 120

Level 111

I suspect that there is a ghost here!

Have the uncle eat all the donuts, then use the powder-filled plate on the empty space to find the ghost.

Level 112

I must feed that scary dog.

Break a piece of the fence and use it as a stick to feed the dog.

Level 113

Jenny must score a goal.

Punch the goalpost to enlarge it, then score to pass the level.

Level 114

I must tidy up Tiki’s whole mess!

Place all objects, including Tiki herself, into the bin to pass the level.

Level 115

Where is the mother lion?

Find the character with a fake mane (facial hair) and remove it to reveal her mother.

Brain Test 4 Levels 111, 112, 113, 114, 115 Answers

Level 116

Doctor Worry can’t find the answer, help him, please.

What is 3+3+4= ?? The answer is 10.

Level 117

How many apples are on the tree?

Shake your phone to release the hidden apples.

Level 118

That frog wants to fly.

Shake the Coke bottle and place the frog on top to make it fly.

Level 119

Help Doctor Worry to activate the machine.

Tap the buttons according to the numbers above, pay attention to the red button as its color changes. Use the lever to reset the red button’s color.

Level 120

Jenny must break the running speed record.

Drag the record number to her current speed to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 116, 117, 118, 119, 120 Answers

Level 121 – 130

Level 121

Help Astrodog to launch his rocket ship.

Tap the numbers in the order 5-4-3-2-1. Number 2 is behind the stall, and number 4 is under the boy’s white shirt. Tap them in order to launch the ship.

Level 122

Astrodog must avoid the asteroids!

Swipe the rocket to avoid small asteroids, then break the bigger asteroid with your finger to pass the level.

Level 123

I wonder where is Astrodog right now…

Zoom in on the doctor’s glasses to see his rocket in space.

Level 124

Uncle Bubba is going to drink that expired juice. I must stop him!

Use duct tape to cover his face.

Level 125

Astrodog must land on that small planet on the right.

Drag the planet toward him to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Levels 121, 122, 123, 124, 125 Answers

Level 126

Astrodog must survive the meteor shower!

Move the ship to dodge asteroids, then land it on the planet to pass the level.

Level 127

I must help that tortoise.

Close one hole with a rock and put the tortoise in the other hole. Wait for the mole to flip it over.

Level 128

Jenny wants to do a handstand.

Pop the balloon using her mouth, then attach it to her foot to pass the level.

Level 129

Doctor Worry must find a way to stop that leak!

Move the barrels to find the valve, then tap it to pass the level.

Level 130

Astrodog must do a safe landing on Mars.

Make the sun bigger by feeding it some planets, and the gravity will help him land safely.

Brain Test 4 Levels 126, 127, 128, 129, 130 Answers

Level 131 – 140

Level 131

Astrodog must show the Martians that he comes in peace.

Break the white watermelon with the hammer, paint the flag with it, and give it to the dog to pass this level.

Level 132

Arghh, the sun doesn’t let me sleep in peace here.

Drag the small hill up to create a volcano, and the clouds will cover the sun.

Level 133

Which one is my real shadow?

Remove the clouds to reveal her real shadow.

Level 134

How many squares are there?

Tap each square in the picture. The squares that don’t change shape are the real squares, and the answer is 2.

Level 135

What is that Martian hiding?

The alien has three eyes. Drag a twig to the alien’s forehead and swipe from top to bottom to open its third eye.

Brain Test 4 Levels 131, 132, 133, 134, 135 Answers

Level 136

Hehe! Tiki is trying to scare me again, expose her!

Tap the phone held by Lily. Turn it on by dragging Tiki’s name to the screen to call her. Tiki will arrive, scared, not knowing the ghost is just Grandma Ami in a costume.

Level 137

Jenny must win the marathon.

Slide all of Jenny’s opponents into her path so they collide and fall. Then drag one fallen opponent into the next runner’s path to block their way to the finish line.

Level 138

Astrodog must take 3 photographs about the Martian culture.

Give a ukulele and fried chicken to each green-bodied alien, then safely take their photo with the camera.

Level 139

Doctor Worry struggles to open that bottle cap.

Open the desk drawer. There’s a bottle opener inside; drag it to the bottle to open the cap.

Level 140

Astrodog needs more signal strength to send the photos back to the Earth.

Drag the three alien eyebrows to the signal beam to increase its strength, allowing Astrodog to send images to Earth creatures.

Brain Test 4 Levels 136, 137, 138, 139, 140 Answers

Level 141 – 150

Level 141

Which one is the most annoying one?

Pull the dog’s ear up and tap the mosquito that flies out from behind it. That’s the most annoying creature.

Level 142

Tap them in order of their heights. Start from the longest one.

First, tap the ruler, then the giraffe, followed by Lily, and finally, the cat.

Level 143

Tap on the red buttons.

Press the red buttons in the upper right and lower left corners.

Level 144

Where is the black bird?

Give the saxophone to Lily. Let Lily blow it, and a black bird will emerge from the saxophone.

Level 145

Where is the answer?

Rub Lily’s head. The answer is in Lily’s thoughts.

Brain Test 4 Levels 141, 142, 143, 144, 145 Answers

Level 146

The slug should win the race.

Drag Granny Amy to the race car, and drag the red rabbit in front of the blue rabbit. Then tap the start button. The snail will win because Grandma Ami is slow at driving, and the male rabbit won’t run in the race due to the female rabbit distracting him.

Level 147

I hate morning acne! Help me clean them, please.

Find the hidden acne behind her forehead hairs, open the cabinet, and apply the acne medicine to her acne.

Level 148

What’s on my mind?

Take the baseballs from the table and place them under the speech balloon to convert it into a thought balloon.

Level 149

Get me a cheesecake, please.

Combine cheese with the cake to make a cheesecake.

Level 150

I should make my cat stop eating so much!

Put the cat on the scale, then press your finger on the scale until it shows 500, and your level will be passed.

Brain Test 4 Levels 146, 147, 148, 149, 150 Answers

Level 151 – 160

Level 151

Gymmy must show his strength.

Give two barbells to Gymmy. Then drag Lily and place her on top of the barbells lifted by Gymmy.

Level 152

Gymmy must do some pull-ups.

Tap the bolt on the pull-up bar to strengthen the metal bar so it doesn’t wobble or shift when in use. Then lift Gymmy up to reach the bar so he can practice pull-ups.

Level 153

Arggh! I can’t sleep! Help me!

Tap the painting, and a sheep will come out for her to count; do this 5 times, and your level will be passed.

Level 154

The Rockhead challenges Gymmy. Help him!

Drag a pushpin to Gymmy’s opponent’s arm muscle, causing it to deflate and weaken their ability to lift barbells.

Level 155

I must find a way to scare my little sister.

Open the toilet tank and drag her into the tank, then wait for the little one.

Brain Test 4 Levels 151, 152, 153, 154, 155 Answers

Level 156

Doctor Worry must make a new concoction according to the formula.

Drag the liquids into the empty vial according to the table. Treat the blue liquid specially by putting it into the washing machine to shake it first.

Level 157

Doctor Worry can’t solve this equation.

Drag the zeros from the 1st equation to make an 8 in the 4th equation.

Level 158

Which one did eat my chicken fries?!

Move the box from the shelf to reveal the thief.

Level 159

I’m in trouble for eating all of the cookies, please save me!

Tap the light to make it flicker, then drag and give one of the cookies held by Lily to Lerri. Tap the light again, then give the remaining cookie to Tiki.

Level 160

I must beat Jenny at Rock-Paper-Scissor.

Tap the opponent of what Jenny is thinking so Lily can win. First, tap rock, then scissors. Finally, drag and insert the rock into Jenny’s thought balloon. Then tap the paper in the column so Lily wins.

Brain Test 4 Levels 156, 157, 158, 159, 160 Answers

Level 161 – 170

Level 161

Tiki is falling down, help!

Shake your phone to make Uncle Bubba fall and lie down. Then tap the tree branch to break it and make Tiki fall. Tiki will land safely because Uncle Bubba is underneath her.

Level 162

Which animal is the tallest one?

Drag the comb held by Lily towards the sheep’s wool. The combed wool will grow very tall. Then tap the sheep.

Level 163

Astrodog must find a way to launch his rocket ship.

Lower the sleeping alien from the fabric swing, then drag the rocket to the swing to launch it towards Earth.

Level 164

Doctor Worry’s robot must reach to its target.

Tap the start button to run the robot. Then rotate your phone to adjust its route. Tap the start button until the robot reaches its destination.

Level 165

We are so hungry!

Drag the cat to the bed. When the cat falls asleep, it dreams of fish. Drag the fish to the plate on the table. Shake your phone to wake the cat. Repeat this process to fill the other two plates.

Brain Test 4 Levels 161, 162, 163, 164, 165 Answers

Level 166

Astrodog crashed on the Moon, he must send a signal to the Earth.

Drag all the scattered papers to the burning rocket, and the fire will grow. The large fire will release smoke. Earth creatures will send a rocket to rescue Astrodog upon seeing the smoke rising from the moon.

Level 167

Tiki hid my candy bars! I must find all 5 of them!

Swipe left to find 2 chocolate wrappers, then swipe right and move the rock. There’s 1 chocolate behind the rock. Then drag the spider to scare Tiki and make her drop her chocolate. Finally, put the chocolates in the empty space.

Level 168

Tap on the highest number.

There are 2 numbers with the same value, 155. Tap both simultaneously with your fingers.

Level 169

How can I open my phone?

Drag the hand image to press numbers 3, 2, and 1. Finally, press the home button.

Level 170

Uncle Bubba must win this arm wrestling match.

Drag the chicken thigh to the reward column to replace the dollar amount. Then tap the start button.

Brain Test 4 Levels 166, 167, 168, 169, 170 Answers

Level 171 – 175

Level 171

Help that poor woman with her baby.

Place the baby in the baby basket and put the basket on the father’s back while he’s doing push-ups to help the baby fall asleep quickly.

Level 172

Urggh! I can’t sleep again!

Close the bedroom door and turn off the light to help her sleep.

Level 173

Where is my rabbit?

Drag one of the buffalo’s horns and give it to the sheep in the bottom right position. Let the sheep blow the horn like a trumpet to create wind and blow away the sheep’s wool in front of it. The rabbit is behind the wool facing right.

Level 174

Astrodog needs a new helmet.

Drag the glass over the aquarium to move the fish from the aquarium into the glass. Then, use the aquarium as a new helmet for AstroDog.

Level 175

Gymmy wants to beat that gorilla.

Remove Gymmy’s socks to make the gorilla faint due to being unable to withstand the foul smell of Gymmy’s feet.

Brain Test 4 Levels 171, 172, 173, 174, 175 Answers

Level 176 – 301

Above are all the answers to Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends, starting from level 1 up to level 301. We hope the solutions provided above can help you complete the challenging levels found in this game.

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