Happy Glass Answers

Happy Glass Answers (1 – 720 All Levels)

Happy Glass Answers (1 – 720 All Levels) – Happy Glass is one of the best-selling puzzle games on the Google Play Store. The game is ranked in the top 5 in the puzzle category with over 100 million downloads.

The concept and gameplay of Happy Glass are pretty simple. As the name implies, your task in this game is to make an empty glass happy because it can be filled with water from the pipe.

Happy Glass Answers

When it’s empty, the glass becomes sad. Your task is to draw lines to fill the glass with liquid and make it smile again.

Find the most efficient strategy and way to pass each level. Be imaginative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box because you can find your own answers!

Let’s see if you can really get three stars on some levels that might seem simple.


  • Dynamic system. Draw the line however you want to complete the level!
  • Simple, clever, and entertaining puzzles that can also be difficult.
  • A relaxing and fun theme that will keep you engaged for a long time.
  • Many new levels coming soon!
  • How to solve Happy Glass at each level requires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. The higher the level, the more complex the solution you’ll need to find.

To help those of you who are already stuck at a certain level of Happy Glass and can’t level up anymore, below we will help you find the solution or answer so you can pass the level.

The following are the most complete, latest, and most updated Happy Glass Level 1 – 720 Answers.

Levels 1-50

You can find the answers for Happy Glass levels 1 to 50 in the following posts.

Level 51-100

Happy Glass solutions levels 51 to 100 can be checked in the posts below.

Level 101-150

You can see the Happy Glass solution at levels 101 to 150 below.

Level 151-200

These are the answers from levels 151 to 200 Happy Glass.

Level 201-250

These are the answers from level 201 to 250 game Happy Glass.

Level 251-300

Here’s how to complete levels 251 to 300 of the Happy Glass game.

Level 301-350

You can see how to play levels 301 to 350 of the Happy Glass game in the following posts.

Level 351-400

The following articles are solutions for the game Happy Glass from level 351 to level 400.

Level 401-450

You can find solutions for Happy Glass levels 401 to 450 in the following articles.

Level 451-500

You can see how to play levels 451 to 500 from the Happy Glass game in the articles below.

Level 501-550

How to complete levels 501 to 550 Happy Glass games we present on the pages below.

Level 551-600

Level 601-650

Level 651-700

Level 701-720

We will continue to update these Happy Glass Answers and we will update the levels for which the solution is still not available.

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