Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Answers

Find Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 answers here. Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories is a top-ranked tricky test game, developed by Unico Studio.

Andy is in jail, but he’s actually an innocent man. Help him and his two friends escape from prison.

Level 6

Andy must dig a hole with the chisel.

Answer: Press and hold on the poster wall to make a hole, stop when the police guard passes by, and repeat it.

Funny Response: Hey! What’s that sound?! -The Guard

Level 7

Andy must find a way to hide the chisel.

Answer: Drag the chisel into the toilet without crossing the range of the police flashlight (either up or down) then click on the toilet to cover it.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 7 Answer

Funny Response:
‘Erm… I was just gnawing the bars.’ -Andy
‘What’s wrong with you?! -The Guard

Level 8

Dig a tunnel to escape.

Answer: Drag the white stone over the first cop to stop his movement, then click and hold on Andy to dig. Do the same to the second cop.

Brain Test 2 Prison Escape Level 8 Answer

Funny Response: Years of playing Minecraft finally paid off! -Andy

Level 9

Andy must unlock that door.

Answer: Drag the chisel tool to the door lock and then raise the springs in the order 2-4-3-1.

Funny Response: Are you lost, my dear? -The Guard

Level 10

His first attempt was a failure. He must pass this checkpoint to start his new plan.

Answer: First, open up the laundry box. Then, remove all the objects from there and put Andy into it.

Funny Response: Laundry cart is unusually heavy today! -The Inmate

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