Brain Test 2 Tom’s Adventure Level 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 Answers

Find Brain Test 2 Tom’s Adventure Level 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26 answers here. Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories is a top-ranked tricky riddle game, developed by Unico Studio.

Tom is a lazy cat. But his life will change when he meets a mouse named Mick. A wild adventure takes them to Africa, where they face off against the King of animals.

Level 21

These wolves are working for the king too!

Answer: Drag the bird over the elephant’s head. Then click repeatedly on the bird to make it drop the stone it is carrying. Once the elephant wakes up, drag the mouse onto the elephant to scare it. The elephant will run towards the wolves and make them leave.

Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Level 21 Answer

Funny Response: ‘At this rate, all the African animals will hate us!’ – Tom the cat

Level 22

Help them escape!

Answer: After Tom and Mick crossed, shake the phone to knock down the bridge.

Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Level 22 Answer

Funny Response: ‘What a convenient earthquake!’ – Mick the mouse

Level 23

They need to find an ally.

Answer: Move the donkeys to where the bull sleeps, then move the crabs under them to wake the bull. Give the banana under the bull to the gorilla.

Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Level 23 Answer

Funny Response: ‘Are you bribing me?!’ – Muscles the gorilla

Level 24

Watch out! Snakes can smell their fear!

Answer: Drag the word ‘fear’ from the question to the campfire. Drag the green smoke from the campfire to the lion, and the snake will chase the lion.

Funny Response: ‘Good that we haven’t bathed for days, our stench must have covered our smell of fear.’ – Mick the mouse

Level 25

Those bananas were delicious the gorilla decided to fight for you.

Answer: Click on the turtle so that it hides in its shell. Drag the turtle to the gorilla’s head to make it as a helmet. Then swipe the gorilla’s arm to make it big, and click the ‘Fight’ button.

Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Level 25 Answer

Funny Response: ‘It is not steroids, it is just bananas.’- Muscles the gorilla

Level 26

Here is the King! They must defeat him.

Answer: Drop the gorilla onto the mushroom to make it jump on the lion. Once the lion is down, grab a branch from the tree and drop it into the hole for the snake to come out of. After the lion falls down again, take the apples from the tree and give them to the boar. He will fart and defeat the Lion King.

Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Level 26 Answer

Funny Response:
It was the king’s worst day in office… after his defeat, all animals respected Tom and Mick.
‘Alright, How do we return home now?’ – Tom the cat
‘Forget about that girl! We can live like kings here!’ – Mick the mouse

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