Brain Test 4 Answers

Brain Test 4 Levels 111, 112, 113, 114, 115 Answers

Find Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends Levels 111, 112, 113, 114, 115 answers here. Brain Test 4 is one of the top-ranked funny puzzle games on Android and iOS.

Following the successful Brain Test 1 and Brain Test 2, Unico Studio returns with another installment of the popular brain-teaser game titled Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends. This latest installment introduces new characters, customization features, as well as engaging brain teasers.

Enjoy this entertaining fun-filled, complimentary IQ game together with pals & tackle creative puzzles. Feel free to install and try it for free through the Google Play Store or the Apps Store.

Take a look at the Brain Test Levels 111 – 115 solutions down below.

Level 111

I suspect that there is a ghost here!

Answer: Give all the donuts on the plate to Uncle Bubba so he eats and finishes them. After that, sprinkle the leftover donut flour around the room so the ghost becomes visible.

Brain Test 4 Level 111 Answer

Level 112

I must feed that scary dog.

Answer: Take a piece of wood from the fence and skewer the meat Lily is carrying with the wood. Then, drag Lily near the dog to give it the meat.

Brain Test 4 Level 112 Answer

Level 113

Jenny must score a goal.

Answer: Enlarge the goalposts with your fingers, then tap the “Kick” button to get the ball into the goal. The goalkeeper won’t be able to reach the ball.

Brain Test 4 Level 113 Answer

Level 114

I must tidy up Tiki’s whole mess!

Answer: Drag and put all the items into the trash, including Tiki and the “Tidy up” button.

Brain Test 4 Level 114 Answer

Level 115

Where is the mother lion?

Answer: Release the hair of the lion in the middle position. The lion cub will approach it because that’s the real mother lion.

Brain Test 4 Level 115 Answer

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