Brain Test 4 Answers

Brain Test 4 Levels 121, 122, 123, 124, 125 Answers

Find Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends Levels 121, 122, 123, 124, 125 answers right here. Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends is one of the top-ranked tricky puzzle games on iOS & Android.

Created for Brain Test fans seeking difficult puzzles, Brain Test 4 tricks your mind with astonishing riddles and unexpected solutions. Reinvigorating the original Brain Test 1 formula, this game presents addictive puzzles & riddles to engage your mind.

Including entertaining mental challenges as well as intelligence games, Brain Test 4 aids in enhance your brain. You can install and enjoy this game at no cost through the Apps Store or the Google Play Store.

Check the Brain Test Levels 121 – 125 answers below.

Level 121

Help Astrodog to launch his rocket ship.

Answer: Drag the sales board to the center, there is a number 2 there. Then tap the white clothes of the person to find the number 2. After that, tap from number 5 to number 1 to start the countdown and launch the rocket.

Brain Test 4 Level 121 Answer

Level 122

Astrodog must avoid the asteroids!

Answer: Drag the rocket left and right alternately to avoid collision with asteroids. Destroy the last, largest asteroid by tapping it so the rocket can continue its journey.

Brain Test 4 Level 122 Answer

Level 123

I wonder where is Astrodog right now…

Answer: Remove the glasses worn by Dr. Worry. Then enlarge the size of the glasses so they both can track AstroDog’s position more easily.

Brain Test 4 Level 123 Answer

Level 124

Uncle Bubba is going to drink that expired juice. I must stop him!

Answer: Take the tape from the table and attach it to Uncle Bubba’s mouth so he can’t drink the expired juice.

Brain Test 4 Level 124 Answer

Level 125

Astrodog must land on that small planet on the right.

Answer: Since Astrodog’s rocket cannot pass through the sun, drag the small planet on the right side of the screen to Astrodog’s rocket.

Brain Test 4 Level 125 Answer

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