Brain Test 4 Answers

Brain Test 4 Levels 146, 147, 148, 149, 150 Answers

Get Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends Levels 146, 147, 148, 149, 150 solutions right here. Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends is one of the most popular funny puzzle games on iOS & Android.

Following the successful Brain Test and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories, Unico Studio launches a sequel to the well-liked puzzle game titled Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends. This new game brings fresh characters, customization features, as well as engaging mind-boggling puzzles.

Enjoy this amusing, complimentary IQ game along with buddies and conquer creative challenges. Relish playing this game offline, one-handed, & offline, completely free, available on the Apps Store or Google Play Store.

Take a look at the Brain Test Levels 146 – 150 answers below.

Level 146

The slug should win the race.

Answer: Drag Granny Amy into the race car and place the red rabbit in front of the blue rabbit. Then, press the “Start” button. The snail will win because Granny Amy’s weight makes the race car unable to accelerate. Meanwhile, the rabbit won’t run in the race because a female rabbit catches its attention.

Brain Test 4 Level 146 Answer

Level 147

I hate morning acne! Help me clean them, please.

Answer: Open the cabinet where the acne medicine is stored, then pour the yellow acne medicine onto the pimples on Lily’s face. Make sure to also pour the medicine onto the forehead hidden by Lily’s bangs.

Brain Test 4 Level 147 Answer

Level 148

What’s on my mind?

Answer: Take two white balls from the table and place them under the balloon displaying the question to turn them into Lily’s thoughts or daydreams. It turns out Lily is thinking about food.

Brain Test 4 Level 148 Answer

Level 149

Get me a cheesecake, please.

Answer: Place a slice of cheese on top of the cake to turn it into a cheesecake.

Brain Test 4 Level 149 Answer

Level 150

I should make my cat stop eating so much!

Answer: Pull the cat towards the weighing scale, then press and hold the weighing scale for a while so that the weight indicator moves up to over 500kg, making the cat frightened.

Brain Test 4 Level 150 Answer

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