Brain Test 4 Level 13 Answer

Brain Test 4 Levels 206, 207, 208, 209, 210 Answers

Get Brain Test 4 Levels 206, 207, 208, 209, 210 answers here. Brain Test 4 is one of the top-ranked funny test games on Android and iOS.

Designed for Brain Test enthusiasts in search of challenging puzzles, Brain Test 4 confuses the mind using surprising puzzles and unanticipated answers. Reinvigorating the original Brain Test 1 mechanics, this game offers captivating riddles and riddles to challenge the mind.

The game offers unlockable characters, customizable environments, lively art styles, and countless levels featuring frequent updates. Relish playing this game without internet access, using just one hand, as well as offline, completely free, ready for download on the Google Play Store or Apps Store.

Take a look at the Brain Test Levels 206 – 210 answers below.

Level 206

Judy needs to do her lip and eyelash makeups.

Answer: Apply mascara to Judy’s eyelashes. Then, drag one of the strawberries Lily is holding and apply it to Judy’s lips.

Brain Test 4 Level 206 Answer

Level 207

Judy wants to get closer with Gymmy.

Answer: Pour cheese sauce on the right chair leg to make the mouse eat and damage it. The chair will tilt, making Gymmy move closer to Judy.

Brain Test 4 Level 207 Answer

Level 208

Judy must open her closet.

Answer: Drag the mirror in the same direction as Judy to create her reflection. Then take the reflection and place it in front of the closet.

Brain Test 4 Level 208 Answer

Level 209

What should come on the position of the question mark?

Answer: Turn your phone over to see the number pattern. The correct pattern is 11, 51, and 91, increasing by 40 each time. So the answer is 131.

Brain Test 4 Level 209 Answer

Level 210

Worry must turn on all of the light bulbs.

Answer: Tap the three green buttons to turn on three light bulbs, then tap the rightmost light bulb to break it.

Brain Test 4 Level 210 Answer

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