Brain Test 4 Level 78 Answer

Brain Test 4 Levels 261, 262, 263, 264, 265 Answers

Find Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends Levels 261, 262, 263, 264, 265 solutions right here. Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends is one of the top-ranked tricky puzzle games on Android and iOS.

Created specifically for Brain Test enthusiasts looking for difficult challenges, Brain Test 4 confuses the brain with astonishing riddles and unanticipated answers. This new game introduces to you fresh characters, personalization options, and engaging mind-boggling puzzles.

Featuring entertaining brain teasers & IQ games, Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends assists boost the brain. Relish playing it offline, using just one hand, as well as without internet access, all for free, available on the Google Play Store or Apps Store.

Check the Brain Test Levels 261 – 265 answers below.

Level 261

Save Uncle Bubba from the nightmare.

Answer: Change the TV channels by pressing the remote on the table. Repeat until you get a channel broadcasting donuts. Take the donut and give it to Uncle Bubba’s nightmare.

Brain Test 4 Level 261 Answer

Level 262

Gymmy must get rid of the bad smell.

Answer: Take the sock and throw it in the trash. After that, open the window and the door.

Brain Test 4 Level 262 Answer

Level 263

Help Judy to fall asleep.

Answer: Press the musical notes coming from the window to stop the sound. Without the noisy sounds, Judy can sleep peacefully.

Brain Test 4 Level 263 Answer

Level 264

I want to scare Uncle Bubba with a prank.

Answer: Take the ghost mask on the floor and attach it to the flying red balloon. After that, open the door by touching it. Uncle Bubba will come in and be surprised by the masked balloon.

Brain Test 4 Level 264 Answer

Level 265

A monkey stole my phone! Help me!

Answer: Tap the bag several times until it releases a banana. Then, give the banana to the monkey that took Lily’s phone. The monkey will drop its phone.

Brain Test 4 Level 265 Answer

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