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Name a 2D Geometric Shape: Text or Die Answers

Find the most letters for “Name a 2D Geometric Shape”: Text or Die Answers here. Are you looking for answers with the longest word or most letters in the Text or Die game? Then you’re at the right page. Here we will help you to find the right answers as well as the longest ones.

Text or Die is a puzzle game created by Rollic Games. You can download this game for free on Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Text or Die game

To win the game, get the longest an­swers as much as possible. Build a tower and get away from the rising waters by completing each ques­tion with the longest word you have in mind.

Down below is the longest word for Text or Die Answers: Name a 2D Geometric Shape.


Other correct answers that you can use:

9 letters:


8 letters:


7 letters:


6 letters:


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