Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Answers

Find Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 answers here. Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories is a top-ranked funny riddle game, developed by Unico Studio.

Megan, Regina, and Jack must get ready for the upcoming high school prom.

Level 16

Jack must pick the correct perfume.

Answer: Spray each perfume on the male cats, then bring them closer to the female cat. If the female cat likes the scent of a particular perfume, that’s the one Jack should choose.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 16 Answer

Funny Response: ‘Thank you for your help, Buddy. Let’s hope Tiffany’s preference is the same as my cats!’ – Jack

Level 17

They need a limousine to go to the prom

Answer: Make the size of the car longer using your finger. Then drag the driver closer to the car to open the car door.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 17 Answer

Funny Response:
‘Do you have drinks in there?’ – Jack
‘Only some soda pops for you, kids.’ – The Limo Driver

Level 18

They must dance without any trouble.

Answer: Move the banana peels on the dance floor to any position to prevent the couples from slipping. Then pull the skirt of the couple in the middle to prevent her from falling while dancing. Finally, click the play button on the screen.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 18 Answer

Funny Response:
‘I don’t know what I’m doing.’ – Megan
‘Likewise, just pretend to be dancing and move around.’ – Lee

Level 19

Time to pick the prom king and queen.

Answer: Drag the knife to both crowns to divide them into three. Then place a crown on each dancing couple.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 19 Answer

Funny Response:
‘We are all kings and queens in this glorious night!’ – Jack
‘I still believe that I deserved it, but anything for my friends…’ – Regina

Level 20

Let’s end the prom night with a nice photo.

Answer: Slide their positions until they are next to their respective partners.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 20 Answer

Funny Response:
‘Say cheese!’ – The photographer
‘Best…’ – Jack
‘Friends …’ – Regina
‘Foreverrrr! – Megan

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