Brain Test 2 Tom’s Adventure Level 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Answers

Find Brain Test 2 Tom’s Adventure Level 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 answers here. Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories is a top-ranked funny test game, created by Unico Studio.

Tom is a lazy cat. But his life will change when he meets a mouse named Mick. A wild adventure takes them to Africa, where they face off against the King of animals.

Level 11

They need a disguise to get on a plane.

Answer: Take the water from the cleaning lady and pour it on the guard to make him slip and fall.

Click on the suitcase to take out the contents, and put the suit on Tom.

Drag the mouse to the person wearing the hat so that he is startled and the hat falls off. Give the hat to Tom.

Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Level 11 Answer

Funny Response: ‘Let’s hope they don’t have security dogs.’ – Mick the mouse

Level 12

The plane must go through dangerous turbulence!

Answer: Rotate the phone 90 degrees as if viewing it in landscape mode. Then, tilt the phone up and down to balance the plane until the timer finishes.

Funny Response: ‘Uhh… I am starting to feel the taste of that fish!’ – Tom the cat

Level 13

Make this flight a bit more comfortable for them.

Answer: Move the suitcase to the side, then click on the seat lever to move the seat of the person in front forward.

Take the front passenger’s smelly socks and put them on the person fast asleep next to Tom to wake him up.

Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Level 13 Answer

Funny Response: ‘We must have bought a business class ticket!’ – Mick the mouse

Level 14

They took the wrong flight! They must jump down while they pass above Africa.

Answer: Align the clouds under the airplane in a vertical line. Then click on the cat and mouse to make them jump out of the plane.

Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Level 14 Answer

Funny Response: ‘Doh! We missed the food service!’ -Tom the cat

Level 15

A monkey got Mick, catch him!

Answer: To attract the frog, click on the ant house next to the monkey to make the ants come out. Then put Tom on the frog’s back. Slide the clovers on the water 2x to create a path for the frog to cross.

Brain Test 2 Tom's Adventure Level 15 Answer

Funny Response: ‘Hey! where is your ticket?!’ – Bussy the frog

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