Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Answers

Find Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 answers here. Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories is a top-ranked tricky puzzle game, developed by Unico Studio.

Megan, Regina, and Jack must get ready for the upcoming high school prom.

Level 6

Jack wants to impress her with his basketball skills.

Answer: Enlarge the basketball hoop, then pull Jack upward so that Jack can easily make the shot.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 6 Answer

Funny Response:
‘So, will you go to prom with me?’ – Tiffany
‘You betcha 3000!’ – Jack

Level 7

Megan must complete her chemistry assignment.

Answer: Follow the instructions on the painting to add the ingredients. To see the last ingredient, bring the fan close to the potion bottle to clear the smoke obstructing your view of the instructions. Then add the last ingredient as instructed.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 7 Answer

Funny Response: ‘Now I can go to Regina’s house party!’

Level 8

The guests were expecting a swimming pool.

Answer: Enlarge the pot on the table, then pour the water from the three jugs into the pot to create a swimming pool.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 8 Answer

Funny Response: ‘I feel like a cereal’ – A Party Guest

Level 9

They want the music to be louder.

Answer: Give the sleeping boy’s earphones to the girl in the yellow dress and the earphones on the sound system to the boy wearing brown pants.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 9 Answer

Funny Response: ‘Pleasing everyone is so hard! This is the last time I’m having a party in my house!’ – Regina

Level 10

Regina’s parents are coming home earlier. She must clean the place up.

Answer: Close the exit door, then drag one of the adhesives from the wall display to the door handle. After that, give a white cloth to Regina’s friends to help them tidy up the house.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 10 Answer

Funny Response:
‘Nice job, folks.’ – Regina
‘You must pay me a cleaning fee’ – Jack
‘Consider emptying my fruit punch a payment!’ – Regina

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