Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Answers

Find Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 answers here. Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories is a top-ranked tricky test game, created by Unico Studio.

Megan, Regina, and Jack must get ready for the upcoming high school prom.

Level 1

Jack wants to teach the new annoying teacher a lesson.

Answer: Place the pin that’s on the student’s desk on the teacher’s chair. Then give the chalk held by the teacher to Jack. Mr. Teacher will sit on the chair and feel pain because of Jack’s mischief.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 1 Answer

Funny Response:
‘Relax, just a prank, Sir!’ – Jack
‘To the principal’s office, now!’ – The Angry Teacher

Level 2

Help Jack to evade this situation.

Answer: Open the window. Insects will come in and disturb the headmaster. Then give the newspaper on the table to the teacher wearing a blue shirt to drive away the annoying insects.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 2 Answer

Funny Response:
‘Not the boy, but you deserve detention! – The Principal
‘But, but …’ – The Angry Teacher

Level 3

The lunch lady messed up the portions again! Fix it.

Answer: Make the quantity of food and drinks for the two girls equal.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 3 Answer

Funny Response:
‘That’s more like it! – Megan
‘Bon appetit, my friend! – Regina

Level 4

They want to know what’s wrong with Jack?

Answer: Drag the question mark from the question to each girl’s question balloon beside Jack.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 4 Answer

Funny Response:
‘I want to ask Tiffany out to be my prom date, But I don’t know how.’ – Jack
‘Leave it to me, Pal.’ – Regina

Level 5

Help Jack to get Tiffany’s attention.

Answer: Drag the chair the student is using to lean on so that they fall, then open the rightmost locker to get a comb. Drag the comb to the student with yellow hair to make their hair messy. This way, Tiffany’s attention will be focused only on Jack.

Brain Test 2 Prom Dates Level 5 Answer

Funny Response:
‘Hey, Jack! Shall we hangout?’ – Tiffany
‘You betcha!’ – Jack

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