Brain Test 4 Answers

Brain Test 4 Levels 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Answers

Get Brain Test 4 Levels 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 solutions here. Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends is one of the most popular funny riddle games on Android and iOS.

After the successful Brain Test & Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories, Unico Studio launches another installment of the popular brain-teaser game called Brain Test 4. This new game brings fresh characters, tailoring features, and engaging brain teasers.

Including entertaining mind puzzles and intelligence games, Brain Test 4 assists enhance your brain. Go ahead, download and try this game at no cost via the Google Play Store or the Apps Store.

Take a look at the Brain Test Levels 11 – 15 answers below.

Level 11

What is my password.

Answer: Answer the question by typing ‘what’ to pass the level.

Brain Test 4 Level 11 Answer

Level 12

I must press the red button.

Answer: Drag the purple jacket down and then drag Licca to the red button on the cream-colored coat so she can press it.

Brain Test 4 Level 12 Answer

Level 13

I want to ruin Uncle Bubba’s shower fun.

Answer: Press and hold the showerhead until the blocked water causes it to expand, and then release it! This action will result in a forceful water flow that will push Uncle Bubba out of the bathroom.

Brain Test 4 Level 13 Answer

Level 14

Oh no! I spilled some juice on Granny Amy’s carpet! Help me cover it.

Answer: Drag their shadows over the spilled juice to cover it.

Brain Test 4 Level 14 Answer

Level 15

Uncle Bubba is sad for something. I want to cheer him up.

Answer: Press the remote on the table to turn on the television, then change the game score from 0-5 to 5-0 by swapping the score numbers. Uncle Bubba will be entertained because the team he supports is leading the match.

Brain Test 4 Level 15 Answer

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