Brain Test 4 Answers

Brain Test 4 Levels 131, 132, 133, 134, 135 Answers

Get Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends Levels 131, 132, 133, 134, 135 solutions here. Brain Test 4 is one of the top-ranked tricky test games on Android and iOS.

Following the success of Brain Test 1 & Brain Test 2, Unico Studio launches a sequel of the well-liked puzzle game named Brain Test 4. Reinvigorating the original Brain Test 1 mechanics, it provides captivating puzzles and riddles to test the mind.

Experience this enjoyable, free intelligence game along with buddies & conquer creative challenges. Feel free to download & enjoy this game at no cost via the Google Play Store or the Apps Store.

Check the Brain Test Levels 131 – 135 solutions below.

Level 131

Astrodog must show the Martians that he comes in peace.

Answer: Break the white watermelon on the right side using a hammer, then drag the flag to the white liquid that comes out of the watermelon. After that, give the now white flag to AstroDog as a sign that he comes in peace.

Brain Test 4 Level 131 Answer

Level 132

Arghh, the sun doesn’t let me sleep in peace here.

Answer: Pull up on the mound of dirt on the right side to transform it into a volcano. The volcano will erupt, and its hot cloud will cover the sun.

Brain Test 4 Level 132 Answer

Level 133

Which one is my real shadow?

Answer: Move the cloud in the middle to the right side so the sun is visible, then tap on Lily’s shadow located in the middle.

Brain Test 4 Level 133 Answer

Level 134

How many squares are there?

Answer: Tap each square in the picture. The squares that don’t change shape are the real squares, and the answer is 2.

Brain Test 4 Level 134 Answer

Level 135

What is that Martian hiding?

Answer: The alien has three eyes. Drag a twig to the alien’s forehead and swipe from top to bottom to open its third eye.

Brain Test 4 Level 135 Answer

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