Brain Test 4 Level 11 Answer

Brain Test 4 Levels 226, 227, 228, 229, 230 Answers

Discover Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends Levels 226, 227, 228, 229, 230 answers here. Brain Test 4 is one of the top-ranked funny brain games on Android and iOS.

Following the success of Brain Test and Brain Test 2, Unico Studio launches a sequel to their popular puzzle game called Brain Test 4. Reinvigorating the classic Brain Test formula, it now presents irresistible riddles & challenges to test your mind.

Comical dialogs, engaging stories, and age-appropriate content make this game ideal for all age groups. Feel free to install & try this game for free through the Google Play Store or the Apps Store.

Take a look at the Brain Test Levels 226 – 230 solutions down below.

Level 226

How can I get across?

Answer: Enlarge the gap under the tree using your finger. Water will come out of the gap and fill the gap, allowing Lily to swim across.

Brain Test 4 Level 226 Answer

Level 227

Larry must nail his first concert.

Answer: Pull up and down according to the instructions on Larry’s guitar to play it and impress the audience.

Brain Test 4 Level 227 Answer

Level 228

We must save Tiki!

Answer: Drag the white paper from Tiki’s pocket down to the moon. The full moon will turn into a balloon, and the wolf will turn into Dr. Worry.

Brain Test 4 Level 228 Answer

Level 229

I want to prank my uncle again.

Answer: Pop the balloon with the needle on the table. Then shake your phone to make all the drink cans fall on Uncle Bubba when he opens the fridge.

Brain Test 4 Level 229 Answer

Level 230

Jenny must hit the target.

Answer: Drag both brick walls to the center to keep the target in place. Then tap Jenny to release her arrow.

Brain Test 4 Level 230 Answer

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