Brain Test 4 Level 37 Answer

Brain Test 4 Levels 236, 237, 238, 239, 240 Answers

Discover Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends Levels 236, 237, 238, 239, 240 solutions right here. Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends is one of the top-ranked tricky riddle games on Android and iOS.

Designed specifically for Brain Test enthusiasts in search of challenging puzzles, Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends tricks the mind with surprising puzzles and unexpected solutions. This sequel brings new characters, personalization options, and exciting mind-boggling puzzles.

The game features unlocked characters, customizable environments, lively art styles, as well as a multitude of stages featuring frequent updates. Feel free to install & try it for free via the Apps Store or the Google Play Store.

Check the Brain Test Levels 236 – 240 answers down below.

Level 236

Don’t see, don’t hear, and don’t speak.

Answer: Move the lower monkey toward the left one, then catapult the crow at the middle monkey. Then, lift the rotten banana towards the monkey on the right.

Brain Test 4 Level 236 Answer

Level 237

Gymmy must break that brick.

Answer: Take the bottom brick and drop it on the head of the person in black clothing. Take the brick used to hit the person to exchange it with the one that needs to be broken and press the hit button.

Brain Test 4 Level 237 Answer

Level 238

Tap on the red one.

Answer: Tap the red circle twice, followed by tapping the blue circle.

Brain Test 4 Level 238 Answer

Level 239

I want to pet that cute cat.

Answer: Slide the elephant towards the pond and let the elephant drink the water in the pond until the pond is empty. Then, take the fish in the pond and give it to Lily. Finally, slide Lily towards the cat.

Brain Test 4 Level 239 Answer

Level 240

Find a way to cool down my poor Uncle Bubba.

Answer: Open the fridge and take out everything inside. Then, put Uncle Bubba into the fridge.

Brain Test 4 Level 240 Answer

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