Brain Test Level 241 Answer

Brain Test Level 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249, 250 Answers

Brain Test Level 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249, 250 Answers – Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is one of the most popular brain teasers on Android and iOS. This game has been downloaded by more than 100 million users.

Check the Brain Test Level 241 – 250 Answers below.

Level 241

Pick the apples!

Answers: Click all the apples, but be careful on the third screen there is 1 tomato that looks like an apple. Don’t click on the tomato. To differentiate them, pay attention to the bottom. At the bottom of the apple there is a curve while the tomato has no curve.

Brain Test Level 241 Answer

Fun response: The sneaky tomato could not trick you.

Level 242

We need a fire.

Answers: Take off his hat and move the clouds so that the sun is visible. The sun’s rays will hit the person’s bare head and bounce off the wood into a bonfire.

Brain Test Level 242 Answer

Fun response: What a reflective head!

Level 243

Draw a triangle please.

Answers: Drag the point in the middle up or down, then draw a line from the other points to make a triangle.

Brain Test Level 243 Answer

Fun response: Clear thinking!

Level 244

There are some weird things going on around here. Find them.

Answers: Click on the crab, pufferfish, and green fish in the middle.

Brain Test Level 244 Answer

Fun response: They must have dumped some radioactive waste to these waters!

Level 245

He needs some help!

Answers: Drag the word ‘Help’ in the question onto the bubble above the child, for him to scream for help.

Brain Test Level 245 Answer

Fun response: When in danger, shout as loud as you can!

Level 246

How can this be correct?!

Answers: Flip the phone so that it becomes 16 = 8 + 8.

Brain Test Level 246 Answer

Fun response: Do you know that the guild of mathematics sued our game?

Level 247

Which monkey has the longest tail?

Answers: Slide the monkeys up so you can see which monkey has the longest tail.

Brain Test Level 247 Answer

Fun response: That one will be the monkey king!

Level 248

He wants the same burger.

Answers: Make burgers from the ingredients on the table, like the burger the guy on the right eats. Do not use all the ingredients because there are 3 ingredients that are not used.

Brain Test Level 248 Answer

Fun response: Fast-food fast served!

Level 249

The computer works too slow and it makes him sad.

Answers: Clean the dirt that fills the fan by pulling it out of the fan. The fan will spin again and speed up PC performance.

Brain Test Level 249 Answer

Fun response: He needs to keep his PC clean!

Level 250

Oh no! He is so late for work today!

Answers: Drag the calendar twice to change the day to Saturday (holiday).

Brain Test Level 250 Answer

Fun response: You can trick him, but not his boss!

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