Brain Test Level 371 Answer

Brain Test Level 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380 Answers

Brain Test Level 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380 Answers – Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is one of the most popular brain teasers on Android and iOS. This game has been downloaded by more than 100 million users.

Check the Brain Test Level 371 – 380 Answers below.

Level 371

Balance the seesaw.

Answers: Remove the ‘0’ from ’50’ to make it a ‘5’, so that the seesaw is balanced.
10 + 5 = 15.

Brain Test Level 371 Answer

Fun response: How can a zero has weight?!

Level 372

He wants big muscles.

Answers: Enlarge the word “Muscles” in the question.

Brain Test Level 372 Answer

Fun response: Never try this muscle formula at home.

Level 373

Time to get rich!

Answers: Tap on the dog to turn it around, then drag the coin over the dog to turn it into a Dogecoin.

Brain Test Level 373 Answer

Fun response: Elon Musk refused to sponsor this level, hypocrite!

Level 374

She ran out of makeup materials. Please help.

Answers: Take the lipstick from her lips with a tissue, then use the tissue to make a blush on her cheeks. After that, take small strands of hair to use as eyelashes.

Brain Test Level 374 Answer

Fun response: Her natural beauty was better.

Level 375

It’s too hot! Help the poor guy.

Answers: Pierce the sun with the umbrella’s tip until it pops.

Brain Test Level 375 Answer

Fun response: I have been using umbrellas wrong my entire life!

Level 376

Doggy wants to taste some snow.

Answers: Slide the cloud up. When the cloud is very high, the rain will turn to snow.

Brain Test Level 376 Answer

Fun response: Watch out for the yellow ones!

Level 377

He wants to be taller.

Answers: Static electricity can pull hair up. Run a hair comb against his shirt until an electric spark occurs, then place the hair comb over his head.

Brain Test Level 377 Answer

Fun response: Getting taller, the marge Simpson method.

Level 378

Save the Titanic!

Answers: Quickly shift the black clouds on the left to the right so that the sun can shine on the giant iceberg.

Brain Test Level 378 Answer

Fun response: You changed history!

Level 379

Make both of them happy!

Answers: Take the beard from the man on the left and use it as hair for the man on the right

Brain Test Level 379 Answer

Fun response: Sharing is caring.

Level 380

One of them is suspicious!

Answers: Rub each eye visor until it is clear and the impostor will be found.

Brain Test Level 380 Answer

Fun response: If you like being an imposter, try to become the imposter!

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