Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap: The New Marvel Collectible Card Game Coming to PC and Mobile

Marvel Snap is the next big card game from the creator of Hearthstone, with quick games of about 3-5 minutes. There is still no exact release date for Marvel Snap, but this new collectible card game already has a closed beta to try out.

There are more and more ways in which video games can reach the general population, taking advantage of the pull of what is usually in vogue. It may seem that there are all kinds of possible video games of our favorite franchises, but the truth is that new ideas that generate more and more public in its path do not stop coming out, something that Marvel seems to want to take advantage of. Thus, today we are pleased to announce that there will be a new card video game about the Marvel publishing house.

Marvel Snap

The legacy in card games has as many variants as games, styles, and strategies created in recent years but in the last few hours all that seems to change with the appearance of Marvel Snap, a new title that arrived from the multiverse raised by several of the Hearthstone developers among which stands out its director, Ben Brode.

The approach to the mobile industry with the success of fast-paced video games falls on its feet in the environment of card games under the influence of one of the most recognized names in the sector, Ben Brode, whose departure from Blizzard after leading the development of Hearthstone now ends with a new work: Marvel Snap.

From the hand of Marvel and with several colleagues with whom he worked on the famous Blizzard title Brode and his team created Second Dinner to differentiate themselves with their titles and this Marvel Snap unfolds as a positive surprise in the environment for style, gameplay, and especially for the facilities to enter the sector in the coming months.

With no release date but with a beta for android already raised in terms of registrations, Marvel Snap brings with it in its first hours a battalion of Marvel characters along with unique gameplay centered on three streets marked by locations, all with a random appearance and different rules that will make each game unique.

Analyzing the current scene, it can be said that there was already a card game focused on Marvel heroes. A few years ago came a hero-centric deck-building board game known as Marvel Champions, a cooperative game format that allowed friends to team up to take down a systematically controlled villain through a series of turns. It missed the fun of taking on a real person, but it gave many hours of entertainment combining heroes.

For today we have to deal with another game that will be centered on cards, but this time it will present a competitive format between players. In this way, each player will have his deck with different heroes and will have to face another player in the same circumstances until only one of the two is victorious. It has been named Marvel Snap and will have a PC and mobile version, but it hides many interesting details.

A new Marvel collectible card game in digital format

The first thing to say about this new game is that it will be entirely digital. In this way, at least initially, it will only be possible to access it and its different cards through the application in question, being a format that is taking a lot of shape in recent years, as it can get to lower costs. However, it has a beastly finish and looks, which surely many end up recreating some of their cards in the end.

Marvel Snap is a fast card game where we will form decks with all the heroes and villains of the publisher. Facing other players we will try to win, in incredibly fast games that the creators of the game have promised to last less than 3 minutes. With all this, a strong community is sought, as it seems that there will be enough accessibility so that everyone who wants to can get to play a few games.

With decks of 12 cards and three-minute games set for six rounds (sometimes seven if you hit the right location), the game poses a 1v1 in which you will have to control two of the three zones to beat your opponent and for this, you have to use the Marvel characters with cost control, power, and skills. Individually many of these guidelines are born of coming from titles like Hearthstone, Gwent, Magic Arena, Legends of Runeterra, Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokémon, but the gameplay is very different.

The locations seem to be the point of a shock to make each game something unique and special in terms of entertainment, especially because the development team promises to include from launch a new space per week to make the rules something extensible to the life of the game once it is in the hands of the players. And the same will happen with the pool of cards and characters.

The agility in gameplay, the strategy to create combos, and the ease to get time for about 3-5 minutes make it a must for all card game lovers beyond Marvel fanaticism, but also the style and art behind each card with the holographic prism of 3D gives an extra to the feeling of gameplay.

All this information has been provided through the publisher’s website, in addition to sending a press release to all those who have been attentive. With all this, the closed beta of the game is now available to sign up for, in addition to being able to see some gameplay on the YouTube account. The truth is that the little that has been seen is quite striking, so we will have to be attentive to see if we can get a key for the beta.

Marvel Snap beta is already available

One of the strong points that they wanted to announce, in addition to the fact that it will be a unique game, is that the closed beta is already available to sign up. Anyone who wants to try it will have the opportunity to subscribe and wait for the pass to be sent to test this new title that will be available to the public at the end of the year. Undoubtedly, many of you who read the web is surely already waiting to get your teeth into it.

While we wait for the game to arrive, we encourage you to take a look at the video that they wanted to show us from Marvel Snap, where several of its creators try to explain the strengths of this new card game. Undoubtedly it will be tremendously entertaining, as we have seen that it presents quite innovative mechanics and a variety of decks to try.

For now, there are no exact details about how the ladder will be if there will be anything more than a Bo1, or the exact dates of the beta and launch in certain countries, but they seem to have started with a lot of strength not only for its past in HS but for projecting a first title with the certainty of having success in the long term.

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