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5 Android games similar to Among Us that you can play on Android

Among Us is one of the most popular games today. Released on June 15 2018, the popularity of Among Us continued to rise when people were forced to stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Based on Steamcharts data, the peak of the popularity of Among Us occurred on September 21, 2020, when 434,624 people were playing online at the same time.

On Google Play, the game made by the Innersloth studio has been downloaded by Android device users more than 100 million times.

Android Game Among Us

If you are getting bored with the Among Us game and want to find an alternative, here we are reviewing 5 Android games that are similar to Among Us and you can play on Android.

Murderous Pursuit

Murderous pursuit is a game agent and spy where you have to kill other players by hiding as Non Playable Characters (NPCs). Players must mingle with the Non Playable Characters (NPCs) on the map, and kill other players. This game is very fun and attractive to play.

Granny House

Granny House is a multiplayer pvp game where all of you are crewmates, and the granny mentioned above is the impostor. Players must complete various existing tasks, to run from the grandmother’s house. However, be careful because the grandmother will get in your way at every intersection.

GM Online

We can say this is the 3D version of Among Us. Here, you have to look for 3 pieces of evidence, and then killing all of the Impostors one by one. This game is very unique when played together with your friends, and you don’t need to use discord anymore, because this game has a unique live voice chat feature.

Online Mafia

Still the same as the slanderous slander games similar to among us, online Mafia is a game where players will get a role each time they play. Each role will have unique abilities, and the player’s task is divided into two, one to kill if the player becomes a mafia, and the other is to find the mafia each round. Players will be given time to discuss each round, and with the information obtained using the strength they have, players must find the mafia.

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You can play this offline game anytime and anywhere. The player will be given one word, and the impostor will also get another word. Your task in Undercover is to find players who get different words. Undercover is an offline game and can be played in 1 room.

Those are 5 similar games among us that you can play now on Android.

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