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5 Free Android Games with Cool Graphics

When it comes to playing games, so far there are still many gamers who prefer to play free games.

So many games available for smartphones makes gamers always want something more. Not only the gameplay but also the graphic quality. Looking at the specifications of a smartphone that offers a gaming experience is now more sufficient for high graphics.

That’s why more and more mobile gamers or gamers on smartphones are looking for games not only fun in terms of gameplay but also cool graphics that spoil the eye.

Honkai Impact 3

In the following we have summarized five free Android games that have cool graphics.

Call of Duty Mobile

Tencent’s CoD Mobile is already very popular. This game, which is part of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise, offers first person shooter (FPS) gameplay with various modes.

Since the beginning, this game has promised a quality mobile game that is no less exciting than the PC and console versions.

PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile game, which is also created by Tencent, is well known as a battle royale game with cool graphic quality, so this game is often one of the tests of smartphone performance when playing games.

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Honkai Impact 3

Fans of games with the theme of Japanese animation characters will really like Honkai Impact 3. This game carries the RPG genre but with attractive female characters because they can respond when we touch our fingers to the screen.

Here the Honkai Impact game characters are created with a three-dimensional visual style. So presenting a character who was born alive and able to communicate with.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This one game is familiar. In order to present the MOBA gameplay to the mobile version, aka the smartphone, Moonton continues to develop the graphic quality of this game, starting from the characters to the visual effects of attacks launched by the characters.

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Black Desert Mobile

Even though the name Black Desert Mobile is only known by some mobile gamers, this game that carries the MMORPG genre is not a new game. His name was already known when he first appeared on the PC platform to enliven online games before the era of popular mobile gaming, so the graphics quality has been optimized to the maximum.

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