Infinity Ops, a Shooter Game on Android

5 Best Shooter Games on Android, Play Now!

Tired of playing on PC and you are looking for an alternative shooter game on Android? Starting from first and third person shooters. Well, we will provide recommendations for the five best shooter games on Android.

Infinity Ops, a Shooter Game on Android

Here are five of the best shooter games on the Android platform:

PUBG Mobile

If you have a newer device, you can increase the graphics settings to the maximum to enjoy one of the best-looking mobile games.

The smartphone that you have has limited specifications, but really want to play it? You can choose PUBG Mobile Lite which is specially designed to use less space and runs smoothly on phones with small RAM. You can install PUBG Mobile for free on the Play Store.

Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops is an excellent sci-fi multiplayer shooter game. This game is like a combination of Bright Memory, Halo, Destiny PvP, and Titanfall 2.

There are classes to choose from, weapons to acquire or buy, and maps that have different levels of gravity to shake things up. You will also find a clan system in this game. Infinity Ops is free to play, and you can buy new weapons and equipment.

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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD: Mobile is a free to play game, different from the console and PC versions which require you to pay. Call of Duty: Mobile is getting a lot of attention ahead of its global launch.

Thanks to the great efforts of Activision and TiMi Studios (a subsidiary of Tencent Games), this game immediately became famous and became one of the best. CoD: You can directly play Mobile for free on the Play Store.

Tesla vs Lovecraft

You must be ready to face more than 200 enemies that appear on the screen at once. Luckily, there are tons of powers and weapons available. You will collect XP when you kill monsters and get new benefits every time you level up.

Powers and weapons will appear randomly on the map. You have to collect the six pieces needed to build Tesla’s weapon, which can cut down hordes of enemies in no time. You can play Tesla vs Lovecraft on the Play Store for around $10.

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Doom and Doom II

The update brings support for 16: 9 resolution and 90-120 fps, thus bringing better gameplay.

Despite the plethora of other titles out there, Doom and Doom II are sticking around to bring us joyous nostalgia for past video games. You can play Doom and Doom II for around $5 on the Play Store.

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