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4 Best Offline Android Games 2020, Fun to Play without Internet Quota

Offline games are a mainstay game and the most effective when you feel bored or have internet network problems.

Offline games don’t need an internet network to be connected, so users don’t have to worry about experiencing lag while playing.

Many offline games are available on Google Playstore, but games without using an internet connection are less popular when compared to online games.

Offline Android Game Robbery Rob 2

Here is a list of fun offline games that you should try playing on your smartphone.

Robbery Bob 1 & 2

This game tells the story of a man named Bob who is unlucky and forced to carry out his job as a thief, to free his fate, but reality does not match Bob’s expectations, because the theft he does always brings new problems.

Want to be converted, but unfortunately, Bob is forced to steal one last time before he can leave the underworld.

In this game, you have to carry out stealing missions in neighborhoods, city centers, and even secret laboratories, sneaking and dodging security guards, bypassing patrollers and dodging dangerous traps as you try to loot as much item as possible using your sticky gloves.

Candy Crush Saga

This game is very popular and familiar to offline gamers on the Android Playstore with the casual game category.

This brain teaser game was developed by King, and has been downloaded by more than 1 billion Android users, and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on the Android market store.

To sharpen your brain, you will need to scrape and match candies in this delicious puzzle adventure to advance to the next level. Plan your moves carefully by matching 3 or more candies in a row. You can also use boosters to solve extra puzzles.

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Hunter Assassin

Almost similar to the gameplay of Robbery Bob, which is sneaking unnoticed, but the difference is, in this Hunter Assassin game, you are in charge as an assassin and have a mission to finish off the officers silently.

Your mission here is to control the assassins and hunt down your targets one by one. You can use your surroundings or shadows to stay hidden and unnoticed.

A target with an automatic machine gun can lurk around every corner. Quickly attack them and run away unnoticed.

Each eliminated target drops precious gems. Use gems to unlock faster killers.

Bounce Original

This game requires us to move the ball through obstacles to reach the goal and advance to the next level.

Bounce has already been known to the public because it has always been played on old mobile phone games, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other old mobile brands.

This game is the latest in the Bounce Classic series, there are various levels and 10 levels of destroying teeth, collect all rings and beware of dangerous thorns.

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That’s a list of 4 online games that you can try and download on Playstore if you are bored of playing online games, or if you have a network connection problem.

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